I am using LED lights.
Can I expect to see additional reduction in energy consumption?
Yes companies can expect additional electricity bill reductions even they are currently using cheaper electricity plans from electricity retailers, energy efficient circuit breakers, and LED lights.
How much energy savings will there be?
You can expect an average reduction of around 10%. The reduction rate may vary depending on the electricity usage environment, and types of machine used.
What is the lifespan of Elesol?
Elesol is not made of electronic components and electrical parts, therefore it can be used semi-permanently.
Are there any energy saving products like Elesol available commercially?
There are products such as LED lights, energy efficient circuit breakers, demand controllers, geothermal energy systems and other products to help you save energy. However, these products require substantial time and cost for your investment to pay off. For Elesol, you achieve immediate results with less cost.
How do you install Elesol?
Our staff with expert knowledge will install Elesol on circuit breakers. We will fix Elesol to positions where electromagnetic wave reading is higher using the Gauss meter. This process does not require any electrical wiring or construction therefore, there is no need to shut down the main power supply for installation.
Can I purchase Elesol instead of renting?
Yes. Please contact us if you wish to purchase Elesol.
Will Elesol harm electronic equipments and machines in use?
Elesol does not require any power therefore it will not cause any harm to your circuit breaker or damage electronic equipments and machines.
Will Elesol affect electricity voltage?
No Elesol does not directly interfere with electrical circuits.