About product

Elesol can reduce electricity waste. Companies can contribute to the environment with energy conservation. Many companies are pleased with their experience to use energy more efficiently with Elesol. We will be able to enrich the global environment if more companies adopt the same practice to use electricity more efficiently.

Electrical resistance in electricity comes in many forms. One form of resistance is electromagnetic wave. Our product is developed from composite ceramic metals to attenuate electromagnetic waves that are negatively affecting the electric circuit. The reduction of electromagnetic waves will help reduce electricity waste.

Product Specifications

Body dimensions
50mm x 3.5mm depth x 25mm height
Product weight
Approximately 20g
Power supply
Silver or Blue

Why us

Elesol does not require any electrical construction work for installation nor a regular maintenance. Elesol can be installed when the power supply is still running, thus you do not need to shut off your power supply for installation purpose. All that is needed is to fix Elesol one time to areas connected to power and lighting and you will be able to start saving your monthly electricity bills.

With Elesol you can be sure about 3 things

  • - No electrical construction
  • - Easy installation
  • - No maintenance

Notes: Results may vary depending on where Elesol is installed, types of circuit breaker in used, and client’s electricity usage environment.